5 Ways to use a Hydrating Facial Mist

There are so many hydrating/setting sprays on the market, so we can imagine how easily confused you may be! Elcie’s Hydra Enhancer makes it easy for you because it’s a hybrid between a hydrating spray and a setting spray! Make sure you are using a product that not only sets your skin but hydrates it - this is key in having your makeup not only last all day, but look fresh all day too! Here are 5 tips on using the Hydra Enhancer:

1. Skin prep before makeup: dampening your skin before makeup is a great way to get a flawless foundation application! Spray all over your face, give it a few seconds, then go in with your foundation.
2. Set your makeup: once you’re done with your entire makeup, spritz your face (in layers) with the Hydra Enhancer to not only set your makeup in place, but gets rid of that powdery makeup look. Your skin will look like skin again!
3. Dampen your makeup sponge: In addition to the ingredients locking your makeup in place, spritzing it on your sponge to apply your foundation or concealer will help ensure your makeup sets for an all days wear. Makeup artist secrets ;)
4. Refresh your makeup: whether it’s winter or fall, your makeup can look and feel dry/melting. Using a hydrating setting spray throughout the day will refresh your makeup like brand new! Throw it in your purse, take it to the beach, take it to the mountains, she’s got you.
5. Wetting your brush: by now, I’m sure most of you already know that dampening your brush will help your eyeshadow go on stronger and more intense. Imagine using a setting spray to dampen it? Your eyeshadow is locked in.


Did I mention that our setting spray is created with Alkaline water with levels of 8.5+ ? This means, it’s hydrating your skin 10x more than any tap water you may be using. Also, it smells like amazing Jasmines, but we used an essential oil and no perfumes. We launched the Hydra Enhancer in 2016 and it’s still a top seller!






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