5 Ways to Use a Dry Face Oil

1. Face: It is a very common misconception to think that using a Face Oil is only for Dry Skin. Although it nourishes and heals dry skin, it is extra beneficial for controlling oily skin! The Meadowfoam Oil in the Elcie Glow Enhancer controls the sebum and does not let your skin produce more oil. In fact, the more you dry out your skin - the more oil it will produce! 
Tip: Use one or 2 drops all over the face.
2. Hair: Dry hair? Split Ends? As opposed to hair oils, the Glow Enhancer is a Dry Oil that will not make your hair oilier throughout the day.  
Tip: Add a couple drops in your hands and spread it on the ends of your hair for a healthier look and finish.
3. Body: Because the Glow Enhancer is rich with Jojoba Oil, it moisturizes the skin beautifully, leaving it with a healthy glow, but not sticky like other body oils! 
Tip: Use all over body or on your cuticles each night to heal chapped skin.
4. Lips: Great lip treatment for dry or chapped lips. Unlike lip balms, chapsticks, etc., a dry oil will instantly heal your lips without leaving them greasy. Wait a few seconds after it applying it, let it absorb and go right in with your colored lip with no smearing or smudging! 
Tip: Use it as an overnight lip treatment. 
5. Makeup: The Glow Enhancer is a great addition to transforming your makeup. 
  •  Mix it into your foundation for a lighter finish (read our previous blog on Turning your Foundation into a Tinted Moisturizer)
  •  Add a few drops to your lipstick and turn it into a cream blush
  •  Turn your powder highlight into a liquid highlighter for a glossy finish  




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