Introducing our Re-Mark-able Lipsticks and Lipliners

What took you so long? You may wonder.

Elcie has been waiting to launch lippies for years now; but we don’t just do launches to claim launches. We innovate, simply and combat application complications with our line. What do we want from a lipstick anyway? Our super pigmented, one swipe formula - lasts just like a liquid lipstick, minus the drying effect! We are revolutionizing the Classic lipstick with a modern twist. Yes we can have the cake & eat it too! 

Introducing our Re-Mark-able Lipsticks and Lipliners. These lip products live up to their name, marking their territory with its long lasting formula. Each lipstick has a matching lip liner to help make it easy for our consumers to find the right complimentary shades. While the lipstick has Vitamin E to nourish, the lip liner is water-proof and smudge-proof, to last you all night! 
Not only are we revolutionizing the classic lipstick, we have formulated 6 shades everyone needs in their makeup back. Every shade was created with a neutral undertone to compliment various skin tones: a classic nude, blush, mauve, red, rust & berry. Do you really need any other shade? We got you covered!
Sold individually and Duos.


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