How to Turn Your Foundation into a Tinted Moisturizer

Ready to be your own chemist? Imagine creating a tinted moisturizer that is custom for you. There are so many tinted moisturizers on the market, from light coverage to medium coverage. The best way to find your tinted moisturizer is to make it yourself! Essentially, a tinted moisturizer is exactly that…a moisturizer with a hint of color. So all you need to do is take your favorite moisturizer and add a pump or 2 of your go-to foundation - it's that easy! 


Here are some recipes for different finishes using Elcie Cosmetics:

Glowing Skin
Our Glow Enhancer is a dry face oil that gives your skin a beautiful glow (especially with the added shimmer in it).You can use it on its own, on no-makeup days, or mix it into your foundation for a natural glow.

• Light Coverage: 1 Pump Foundation, 2 Drops Glow Enhancer
• Medium Coverage: 2 Pumps Foundation, 1 Pump Glow Enhancer

Satin Skin

If you want your skin to have that glow-from-within effect, our Pearl Radiance Primer will be your go-to. You can use it alone on no-makeup days, use it with it's intention as a primer, or mix it in with your foundation.

• Light Coverage: 1 Pump Foundation, 2 Pumps Pearl Radiance Primer
• Medium Coverage: 2 Pumps Foundation, 1 Pump Pearl Radiance Primer

In general, the foundation/moisturizer ratio needs to be customized based on your preference. So the more foundation, the fuller the coverage. Depending on the season and weather, you may want to add more of the moisturizer.
You'll never have to buy tinted moisturizer again!

If you're a full coverage type of girl, check out this tutorial!


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